Saturday, February 26, 2011

IARc lounge _ feb. 26. 2011

The painting on the wall has been started and sketched out. It has been relocated to a different wall from our original plan. The pieces below are the shelves that literally reach outward and grow from the painting. Soon they will be painted to resemble the portion of the image that they relate to. I am so excited to see the final installation once it is on the wall and in the context of the rest of the design.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

professional practice_ avenues event

Attending the Avenues event was a great experience. I had the opportunity to speak to some great people that had alot of advice and information to share. I spoke with Mike Cindric, from Design Dimension Inc., Rob Easton, from Davis Furniture Design, Blair Davis, from ID Collaborative, and Paula Carr, from TVS Design.

Mr. Cindric spoke of the importance of community engagement in their work, an example
of which they involved several different departments of a local high school to design, create, and build the installment of a park.

Mr. Easton spoke of the role that Davis Furniture has in designing new and innovative modern/contemporary contract furniture.

Ms. Davis provided great advice about the industry and how material and furniture selections are organized in their company. She spoke of how these packages are distributed to the client, architect, themselves, and others involved in the process.

Mrs. Carr was very inspirational and provided great feedback on ways to go about retrieving a job in the industry.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

professional practice_ assignment 4.0

IIDA Design Days Event

For the networking assignment in professional practice I attended the Triad City Center's "Design Days", an event for both design students and professionals. The event was hosted by the Momentum Group, a textiles company located in Archdale, NC. First the students were presented with a presentation about textiles and the processes involved in designing and creating them. Following we were given a tour of the facility, which was very interesting because we saw how they create their own labeling and tags, how they organize and distribute memo samples of the fabric, and how they cut and fill orders that then get shipped off to the customer. After the tour, professionals of the organization provided helpful yet directed feedback on our resumes and portfolios. Following this portion of the event was a presentation about the etiquette for business effectiveness given by Elizabeth Ebihara.

professional practice_ assignment 2.0

For assignment 2.0 of the professional practice class we were to create a self marketing package for ourselves that would include a portfolio, resume, cover letter, leave behind, and a business card. Here are a few select pages from my portfolio, along with a variation of my personal logo.

Monday, February 14, 2011

pro practice _ mock firm logos

For the Chicago Architecture Today design competition I am working in the graphics group for the Tertia Mock Firm. Here are a couple of logos that I have been working on individually. At our weekly meeting we will be discussing all the different logo ideas and trying as a group to determine which best explains the mock firm. Both the number 3 and the tertiary colors have significance in name of the firm and their design intent.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

professional practice_ assignment 1.0

For assignment one of the iarc pro practice class we had to submit a cover letter, resume, and a single page portfolio to determine which of the four mock firms that we were going to be in for a different assignment. The was a really helpful task because it helped me start to figure out my personal branding and the manner in which i would like my portfolio design to head. After submitting the assignment I came to the conclusion that the green that I often use for my graphics and projects was not exactly the right way to express who I am. It is not very accurate in describing me. Ever since I have been working on determining the correct branding for myself and my design philosophy.

This assignment was also the first time that I had to write a cover letter. This was definitely a beneficial task. I realize how important it is to know about the business that you are writing to and that it is also important that you don't say the information that you plan to tell them in the resume. The one thing that I feel is really awkward is that you have to say so much about yourself. I feel like this starts to sound really selfish and shallow, but I understand it is necessary to best explain yourself in a very short period.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Phase II: Space Planning and Design Tactics

Pedestrian Circulation and Site Plan

Spatial Layout and Allocation

First Floor Design Matrix

Second Floor Design Matrix

Third Floor Design Matrix

haiku update

Engrain Memory.
Engender Community.

Establish a Home.

After re-evaluating my image for my haiku I realized that although it made sense, it was not the best representation. Instead I felt that the image best representing my haiku and the direction that I am taking with the design would best be explained by an image of the Greensboro Grub. The clients of this project every month host what they call Greensboro Grub, which is an event where they invite around fifty people in the community to come and enjoy a dinner together and then performances afterwards.