Saturday, October 17, 2009

Design Phase 2

first floor plan

second floor plan

first floor rcp
second floor rcp

Heather and I have made some changes to our design that we are now confident about. We are working with the concept of funneling, because Duke has funneled in CBI into Durham and CBI will now funnel in design oriented people into downtown Durham. Funneling helps inspire the form of our space. When walking in you immediately are in the showroom and then moving further back in the space you are funneled through the change of horizontal ceiling heights. Different scenarios of funneling occur based on the type of person is using the space.

Friday, October 9, 2009

CBI showroom: design phase one

Our concept has changed and hopefully for the better. Heather and I looked at the idea of a hourglass (as suggested from a classmate). Instead of looking at the symbolic meaning of a hourglass we choose to use the form and the action as inspiration. We found the neck and the two bulbs of the hourglass very interesting and unique. We choose to layout the space in this manner by compressing the reception area using stairs and the bathroom and then representing the lower bulb through the showroom. We also enjoyed the linear quality of the sand as if falls from bulb to bulb and found that in a way the people or customers represent the sand.