Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pattern Perception

The pattern that I was inspired by had a single item in the exact center that was the main focus. Although it was the focus it did not stand out from the rest of the pattern like other patterns that I researched. What I liked about the pattern I chose and how i decided to apply it to my image was through curves that helped form the space surrounding the center focus. Behind the curves were vertical elements that helped maintain a sense of order. I felt all of the aspects were important to include in my pattern composition. The curves help to direct the attention to Statue of Liberty, the center item.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Design Manifesto

I believe that within design a priority should be placed on the importance of individual forms and their interaction with each other, which in turn involves a strategic study of the interactions and the joints present between the forms. Other aspects involved in the interaction of the forms include a contrast between size and thickness and light and shade.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Response to Computing in Design

Computing plays a huge role in our society today. We are talking about a generation that has grown up only knowing the computer. This generation will continue their everyday lives relying on technology and the many opportunities it has to offer.
In the design industry the computer is a beneficial tool along with all the many programs and systems that allow designers to complete their ideas digitally. There seems to be software directed to all the branches of design. Programs that render designs of spaces has served its purpose well, which is to inform the client of the design in a clear and efficient way. At this moment in time I am privileged enough to know CAD, Soft Plan, Illustrator, and a bite-size portion of Photoshop. I personally am amazed by the programs that allow a design to be imputed using precise measurements and then in turn is able to have a machine cut the pieces in order to make a model of the desired design. Soon enough technology will be so advanced that we might be able to talk directly to the computer and tell it what kind of design that we have in mind. I am honored to be a part of this generation and the design industry because technology through computers will enable us to do great things in the future, possibly design something that will be treasured for eternity.