Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hipster Haven

Causality Driving Emplacement

Each layer emplaced specifically serves a respected purpose pertaining to the stratification of the causality of the situation. Entering during a transition of time, a protrusion is made among the layers. Circulation of the space represents passing into the future, causing a change, while also re-visiting the past. Upon entering between the layers, inhabitants must make an immediate decision to venture forward promoting a change or living within the layers surrounded by their fossils of the past.

The purpose of the design was to live within the layers. The middle layer contains only the entrance and becomes a break between the two main layers. The lower layer contains the living space, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. The upper layer contains the bedroom and a small walk-in closet.

An approach I took towards the design was to decipher between the layers. The lower level stairs and flooring is a polished concrete while the upper level stairs and flooring is a hardwood maple. The paint color for the lower level is a darker, warmer brown color while the paint for the upper level is a lighter, creamy white. This is because the natural light enters from above naturally brightens the space.

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There are three elements that make protrusions. The main focal wall is made of walnut lumber stained dark. It consists of repetitive horizontal slats. This wall provides privacy to the bedroom and creates a division between the living space and the kitchen. It does not fully close off the kitchen. It instead creates a sense of communication. The wall forming around the stairs encloses the stairs and reaches from the lower level to the upper level where it becomes the entertainment center of the living space. The third protruding element is light. It enters from above and passes through all of the layers at the same time.

There are smaller dividing walls and doors within the space. The dividing walls can be found in the bathroom and in front of the laundry closet, and consists of the repetitive horizontal slats. The doors to the bathroom, closet, and pantry are encased sliding doors that also resemble the main focal wall.

Loft Floor Plan

Main Floor Plan

Longitudinal Section Elevations

Cross Section Elevations

Wall Section

Wall to Ceiling

Wall to Loft Floor

Wall to Exterior Floor

Wall to Floor


Process Work

Monday, May 4, 2009